iPrayer Cafe

What is iPrayer Café?

iPrayer Café is a new opportunity to connect meaningfully with people around the world. It gives you the opportunity to find prayer and other resources through the ease of web page or an app.

Through iPrayer Café you will be able to connect locally about compelling topics to one on one prayer.  Our prayer local teams are waiting for your prayer request.   God is always faithful and loves to hear our prayer, especially for your prayer request.

Please visit a local iPrayer Cafe or download app from Apple app store or Google Play Store.  Currently, our local iPrayer Cafes are located at:

We are expanding this ministry to other colleges.  Please contact us if you want to start iPrayer Cafe on your campus.   We will provide your college’s iPrayer Cafe (both Web and App versions) free of charge.   We also love to support you to start iPrayer Cafe in your local community, such as coffee shops, health centers, churches, etc.

If you prefer, you can visit our iPrayer Cafe Home.   Or you can download iPrayer Cafe Home App to your iPhone,  iPad, or Android device.  Our Open iChurch home prayer team is always ready to pray for you.

God’s blessings!

Open iChurch Home Prayer Team